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eOxigen has always shown an incessant thirst for product quality and customer satisfaction. Our company is committed to the “zero defect” policy. We have trained our engineers, staff to produce standardized quality products which are completely defect-free. Currently, we are expanding our manufacturing with various assembly lines supported by in-house production facility.

Trends, technology, taste and preferences of customers keeps on changing with time. To synchronise with the changing market our well experienced and equipped eO2 Team keeps on adding and updating our technical infrastructure viz-a-viz latest technology trends and practices.


eOxigen Automotive has consistently focused on making electrical vehicle eco system with Made in India parts and components, and consistently focuses on most serviceable Electrical Vehicles.

Our electrical vehicles Chasis , Plastic parts, Speedometer Cluster, Wire harness, Motor and Controllers along with lithium batteries are all Made by our Indian partners. We are focused on indigenisation of EV manufacturing eco system